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  • Cordero's greatest innovation of making the panettone in recyclable, reusable glass jar. Soft panettone made using corn flour is  absolutely delicious, sweet chocolate flavor that is perfect for gifting during this holiday season. Made in Italy Comes in a 8.8oz glass jar
  • You'll love the nostalgic taste and texture of our gourmet Italian Panettone fruit cake. Taste true Italian flavor and the Flamigni family's passion for premium ingredients and traditional recipes that remind our customers of classic Italian cooking and food.  READY TO GIFT. Expertly packed artisan Panettone in bright red Holiday gift box that is sure to bring cheer and warmth to whoever the lucky recipient is. Our packaging is designed to keep your Panettone fresh and ready to eat, while looking beautiful and attractive for the Christmas season. 17.6 oz
  • Panettone was invented in Milan, Italy. It is an Italian Christmas traditional sweet bread. Flamigni uses high quality natural ingredients in traditional methods and handmade procedures to make this gourmet speciality cake. Made in Italy Comes in 2.82oz box
  • Delicious and simple butter cookies presented in a adorable green tin.  The tin is a perfect decoration for the kitchen long after the cookies have been enjoyed. Produced by the iconic Marabissi Pasticceria.  Enjoy with a good coffee or glass of Vin Santo.
  • Grown in the restricted area of the Municipality of Cerignola from which this olive takes its name, the "Bella di Cerignola", has a yellowish color, a firm and fibrous pulp, a strong and slightly bitter taste. A perfect savory table olive, makes a great addition to any happy hour. These are the perfect size and mild flavor for stuffing with your favorite olive filling.
  • Brimming with Italian green olives, this condiment is perfect for adding rich olives to countless recipes. Spread it on a sandwich, grilled bread or as a zesty garnish for steamed vegetables. It's a flavorful addition to any charcuterie board or cheese plate.
  • This delicate sauce/spread made with fresh champignon and porcini mushrooms, black truffle and spices is the perfect condiment to prepare something elaborate or simple.  Try with pasta, on sandwiches or as a tasty topping for crostini and bruschette.
  • Sorelle Nurzia's tender torrone nougat made using dark chocolate and generous amounts of hazelnuts. Adding chocolate is one of their secret ingredients to create a soft torrone. A staple for the holidays in Italy! Made in Italy 3.53oz bar
  • The perfect assortment of honey and preserves presented on a wooden tray.  The set includes truffle honey, red onion jam, pear and ginger jam, fig jam and green tomato and fig jam. Excellent for pairing with all cheeses.  The perfect pairing to add with any of our cheeses. A great gift idea!
  • Capellini D'angelo, more commonly known as Angel Hair pasta, is a thin, long-cut pasta made with hard durum wheat. Benedetto Cavalieri's Capallini pasta is passed through bronze dies, and is slow dried at low temperatures for a perfect texture, nutty flavor and aroma, and high protein content 17.6 oz
  • Linguine hand formed pasta nests. Filotea produces dry egg pasta using the finest raw materials; fresh eggs, durum wheat semolina flour and 00 flour, following a unique recipe and artisan preparation method.  The result is an egg pasta that is reminiscent of a homemade one, traditionally prepared by grandmothers. It is light and easy to digest, while its textured surface helps to absorb the sauces, thus exalting the flavor of all the ingredients.
  • Asaro's Organic Castelvetrano Green Olives are large, with a mild, buttery flavor and subtle sweetness. These green olives hail from Sicily and are of the Nocellara Del Belice varietal. Enjoy with salty cheeses, as a classic table olive, or chopped up in an authentic Pasta Puttanesca. USDA-certified organic and non-GMO certified.
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