Our Story

Little Venice Restaurant started in a house on the corner of Court and Cherry Streets in May of 1946. Little Venice began to grow at this location serving its homemade tomato sauce and hot pies (pizza).

In December 1960 Little Venice experienced a fire which caused extensive damage to the kitchen area of “the house” on Court Street. The pending development of North Shore Drive and New York State’s acquisition of surrounding property caused Little Venice to seek a new location.

Temporarily Little Venice leased a small restaurant on the corner of Jay and Court Streets, previously known as M & M Diner. Meanwhile, the owners were in search of Little Venice’s new home.

In May of 1961 Little Venice relocated to 22 Chenango Street, site of Delano’s Restaurant. It remained there until 1969 when First National Bank (which owned the property) bought out the lease in order to expand.

As a result, Little Venice moved to its present location at 111 Chenango Street. The property was previously occupied by Phil Chin’s Restaurant and the Binghamton Symphony Theater.

While, the restaurant has stayed put for the last 35 years it has undergone a few changes. First was the expansion of the dining room in 1974. The banquet room was added in 1984. The kitchen expanded in July of 1998.

In 2004 the restaurant completed another major renovation. A whole new entrance was completed, along with a new bar, expanded kitchen and additional seating. The front of the building was also redone.

Little Venice is currently under construction again. This new expansion project will qualify as the largest project at the current location

A Brief History of Ownership


Little Venice started by Sam DePrato


Sam’s nephews, Sam, Rocco (Rocky), and Tony Carulli begin working at the restaurant


The Carulli brothers buy the business from their Uncle Sam


Tony retires and his son Robert (Bobby) Carulli joins the business


Sam retires and his nephew Romeo Lisio joins the business

December 19, 1986

Rocky Carulli dies leaving the restaurant to Bobby and Romeo

May 2002

Bobby retires

December 2002

Romeo’s son Piero joins him as a partner

September 2007

Romeo’s daughter Gina becomes General Manager