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Tuesday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday Saturday 12-9pm
Sunday 12-8pm
Closed Mondays

  • 111 Chenango St, Binghamton, NY 13901


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Manicotti made?2021-08-02T12:21:38-04:00

Little Venice’s Manicotti is unique in that it is made with homemade crepes instead of dough. The crepes are filled with a creamy ricotta filling.

Is the house made pasta made on site?2021-08-02T12:21:31-04:00

When ordering pasta at Little Venice it is as fresh as if you made it at home. Little Venice’s pasta dough is made daily, however your pasta is not rolled out until you order it. Spaghetti, Macaroni and Linguine are rolled out when you order using a hand crank pasta machine designed by owner Romeo Lisio.

Raviolis are made each morning with the same homemade dough then filled, with a creamy ricotta cheese filling.

What is a Meat Log?2021-08-02T12:21:24-04:00

“Why aren’t the meatballs round?” This is without a doubt the most common question asked by new customers. Little Venice meatballs are uniquely shaped and are often referred to as “meat logs”. The meatballs have been shaped like sausages since 1946. Aunt Carmella, the original cook, always made her meatballs long because she insisted the long shape allowed the meat to cook more evenly. Aunt Carmella didn’t like how round meatballs would burn on the outside before the middle was cooked.

How do I get your sauce?2021-08-02T12:21:19-04:00

We ship our sauce anywhere in the US. Jars of sauce are sent using ground shipping right from the restaurant. Call or visit our online store to order.

Little Venice Pasta Sauce is also available in over 100 retail stores. Visit our sauce locator to see if it is available near you.

Is Apple Sauce the secret ingredient in the famous pasta sauce?2021-08-02T12:21:13-04:00

NO! and contrary to many rumors there is no peanut butter or grape jelly in the sauce either. Thick, smooth and sweet Little Venice’s homemade tomato sauce is unlike anything other. The sauce recipe is a guarded family secret known only to 3 people. During the 6 plus decades that Little Venice has operated only 6 cooks have ever made the sauce. Rumors persist about the sauce recipe, but the truth is the correct recipe is not on the internet.

Why are there so many paintings in the restaurant?2021-08-02T12:20:55-04:00

The restaurants unique décor is the result of Rocco “Rocky” Carulli’s passion turned obsession for the arts. Rocky would regularly travel throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and New England to find interesting works to add to the collection. Over 150 original signed paintings are currently on display at the restaurant. The collection includes work from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

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